Tauris Transit

Tauris Transit PSP-601A is a fully automatic strapping machine with roller-driven table. It is a simple and the most reliable strapping machine for general purpose applications on the market.


  • Reliable and robust strapping head
  • Auto strap feeding
  • Electronic tension control
  • Auto strap ejector
  • Belt transmission
  • Hinged top plates
  • Conveyor speed: 30 meters/minute
  • Multiple strap function for single, double, continuous strapping, or transit mode
  • Up and down stream interlock with complete plug connection
  • Easy bundle flow direction change
  • Strap end ejector


  • Siemens PLC control
  • Variable conveyor speed: from 18 meters/minute to 42 meters/minute
  • Safety guards
  • Foot pedal switch

Technical Data

Strap Width 8 mm - 12 mm
Tension Range 7 - 70 kg
Speed Up to 18 packages per minute (60Hz)
(Cycle speed up to 29 straps per minute)
Table Height 820 mm
Net Weight 335 kg
Electrical Requirement 220V, 380V, 400V, 415V 50/60Hz 3PH

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